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SILS has 20+ year exclusive lease on VIVO site

SILS a dedicated oil & gas multi-user field services base comprised of newly built facilities, new operated machinery & equipment and logistics services – Only multi-user O&G facility in Dakar
  • Accomodation
  • Port
  • Services
  • Materials
  • Marine
  • Environmental services

14,600 m2 newly built-for-purpose workshop and warehouse space including cranes and machinery & equipment

3,000 m2 offices and canteen servicing up to 200 people plus staffed medical centre

Fully qualified personnel – HSE, materials & logistics co-ordinators, rigging & lifting, labourers and banksmen

Shared and/or dedicated specialist assets including washbays, torque machines, radiation and calibration facilities, test bays, chemical and cold storage

45,000 m2 facility on Route des Hydrocarbures, 1.5 km from Port of Dakar

24,850 m2 paved and gravelled laydown space

Management team highly experienced – Operated and developed O&G logistics bases across Africa for oil majors, international Tier 1 services and logistics companies

Logistics services and new operated machinery & equipment on-site dedicated to SILS clients
– Truck fleet to/from Port of Dakar, including customs clearance
– 200 ton and 100 ton operated cranes
– 15 ton, 5 ton and 3 ton forklifts, side loaders and pipe handlers



.5 KM

Distance from the port



Truck movements per day


Years exclusive lease


SILS provides operated new hauling and handling services and machinery & equipment (M&E) on-site for clients
SILS the only O&G logistics service provider to operate a new fleet of M&E dedicated to clients in Dakar
Accredited O&G personnel operating SILS M&E significantly reduces need for clients to source professionals in Dakar
Option of “dedicated” M&E or “base commitment” plus “day/hour rate” for additional use as needed
Mobile Cranes
  • x1 – 180 tons
  • x1 – 100 tons
Forklifts & Side Loaders
  • x6 – 3 tons
  • X6 – 5 tons
  • x3 – 15 tons
Trucks & Flatbed Trailers
  • x6 tractors
  • x8 flatbed trailers

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