Multi-user O&G logistics base operates on a Receive – Manage – Operate – Dispatch model. Increases efficiencies and decreases capex of O&G and Tier 1 services companies

Key benefits to locating at SILS logistics services base

Shared services, specialist facilities and operated new M&E to clients on an as-needed basis

Available space for expansion over time driven by client requirements

Fully fit-for-purpose site with all independent studies completed in April 2020

Shared services and specialist assets

Availability of all required specialist assets and logistics services on-site for clients’ use
“Committed” vs “use-as-required” programs tailored to clients’ requirements
Zero capital expenditure for client’s workshop/warehouse construction and purchase of M&E
Shared services reduces client cost through pay-as-used program
SILS provision of qualified personnel removes HR and training requirements

SILS facility

all required independent studies making it fully “fit for purpose”

Additional workshop, warehouse and laydown space available as required

SILS will develop, on its clients’ instruction, additional physical space for their activities

Zeroes client capital expenditure for construction program and reduces land leasehold liability

Zeroes client development and facility construction risk

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